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A direct modem connection via the Internet Virtual Modem 2.1.1 There are many old communication applications that require a direct modem connection. This program allows you to substitute physical phone lines with a local TCP/IP network or the Internet without investing thousands into new communication software. It works out-of-the-box with all Windows gpplications that require a modem connection. The Address Book feature allows it to transparently translate phone numbers into IP addresses.

This software have a sweet potential.The reason i downloaded Virtual Modem was to explore different possibilities to use a virtual analog modem connection, either through a public service IP gateway or preferably through Skype (Plugin). Just because analog modems has become outdated by opposing technological progress, doesn\'t automatically eliminate the peripheral needs of our original solutions.What i wish for is that Virtual Modem was made compatible with Skype and secondly that preset IP gateway services become implemented. Virtual Modem is the most delicate piece of software simulating the physical hardware that i\'ve come across, though it ...

Failed Installation Installation error (0x2). Module: Install Driver (483). C:\WINDOWS\system32\vportbus

Installation Failure The setup ran, came up with some error, I dont remember. I then used add/remove programs to remove it. OS is XP Sp2.

Emulate hardware modems and faxes easily. Virtual Modem PRO 3.0 Virtual Modem PRO works for every automation system that collects data from remote hosts using modem and telephone line. Virtual Modem PRO creates virtual com ports and attaches virtual modems to them, which work in the same way as real ones (support Hayes AT commands), however use TCP/IP protocol to connect to remote host. This gives better speed and reliability of transmitted data as well as up to 255 modems that can be created in any system.

hello well I install virtual pro and it worked fined when you open it but I\'m having a little trouble making a virtual modem. When I tried making one it gives me this message that said a bus driver was not install or something can you please help me and tell me what\'s going on thank you John Mike

ALMOST EXCELLENT Virtual modeling of any device, not only the ordinary hardwired modem, but also all other elecronic devices was the commence of a new era in the appications of computer softwares. For this spesific modem, I can say that, it can be well above the expectations of average users. It could have been excellent if everything, regarding the settings of COM ports, remote IP adresses had been automated so that anybody who may not have sufficent computer experince could directly use it right after the download.

Download link did not function When I gave permission to remind me of giving feedback on the use of Virtual Modem Pro, the download link did not continue at all and I came up empty. When I tried it for a second time, the question for feedback popped up but no link to downloading of the program. As far as I can see the functionality described in the review, it looks promising but that's as far as I can go.. Too bad though...

Cable Modem Diagnostic. Cable Modem Diagnostic 1.0.3 Output level,Upstream power level,Input level,Downstream power level,Ping of modem,Upstream frequency,Downstream frequency,Model of modem,Downstream signal to noise ratio,Name of config file,Detect standby mode of modem.

EPR2320 Scientific Atlanta not working Despite being in the Cable Modem's list, this specific model appears not to be supported.

Doesn`t work Doesn't work with my terayon cable modem.

My review. It doesn't work with Terayon Docsis 2. 0 cable modem (microwave 2. 1ghz link)

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